How Rolls-Royce’s New Electric Airplane Inspired Bremont’s Latest Pilot’s Watch

Rolls-Royce may be best known in the popular imagination for its coveted four-wheeled vehicles, but it’s far f

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Rolls-Royce may be best known in the popular imagination for its coveted four-wheeled vehicles, but it’s far from a slouch when it comes to aviation. To honor one of its inventive planes, Bremont is launching a special aviation watch ready to take to the skies.

Bremont is already Rolls-Royce’s official timing partner so the team-up was a natural one encouraged by the British marque’s newest aeronautical venture. The Spirit of Innovation is a sustainable, all-electric airplane Rolls-Royce hopes will break the speed record in its category (which currently stands at 213mph) by exceeding 300mph sometime early next year. Bremont was intimately involved in its development, designing the cockpit and incorporating its own accurate stopwatch within. The pairing proved so potent, it inspired the ionBird chronometer.

“The countless synergies in this project really do beggar belief,” said Bremont co-founder, Nick English, in a statement. “The passion for precision engineering, British manufacturing and aviation to name but a few. It is an extraordinary privilege to be working with the wonderful Rolls-Royce team on this project. The electrification of the air is such an important milestone in these challenging climatic times, and to be playing a small part is very rewarding indeed.”

Bremont Rolls-Royce ionBIRD aircraft

The watch was inspired by Rolls-Royce’s breakthrough technology.  Courtesy of Bremont

The handsome watch uses lightweight aviation-grade titanium to fashion its 43mm case, which houses a BE-93-2AV chronometer rated GMT movement. That movement sits safely cushioned against shock using Bremont’s proprietary ‘Anti-Shock’ technology, which doesn’t add undue bulk to the silhouette. As a nod to the golden age of aviation, the dial––and its two featured time zones––are designed with vintage-inspired numerals and bronze hands fixed to the highly readable face. The rear features a custom stainless steel exhibition case back for a peek at its inner workings and the whole thing is water-resistant to 100 meters.

Customers will have the option of purchasing one with a supple nubuck strap with white topstitching ($6,095) or one with an urbane metal bracelet ($6,695). Head to the brand’s website to learn more.
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