You’re Not Alone — Hilary Duff’s Kid Begs Her For Roblox Money Too

Instagram/Hilary Duff Hilary Duff is every mom fielding constant requests to buy Robux If you have a kid in

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Instagram/Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is every mom fielding constant requests to buy Robux

If you have a kid in grade school (or middle school) you’ve heard of Roblox. Like, probably 48 times a day if you have a little fan in your house. Roblox and Fortnite are constant topics in my household of tweens along with them begging me to add money to their accounts so they can buy fake houses and avatars and whatever other nonsense. Turns out, even celeb moms grapple with this annoying modern-day parenting issue. Hilary Duff shared a text exchange with her son that will definitely hit home if you’ve got kids begging you for Robux and V-Bucks.

“Text from my 8 year olds iPad ……lol 😂🤣😂🤣 went a litttttle crazy on iTunes last month #piggypopped #newrules #itsonlybeen4days,” she captioned a screenshot of her text exchanged with 8-year-old Luca.

Look familiar? Luca was apparently told he could have more dough for his online adventures in another month, but only four days later, he’s already jonesing. I realize that this is something our kids enjoy, but I can’t help but feel like we’re literally setting money on fire but allowing them to buy new “skins” or pretend mansions to impress their buddies. Sounds like Luca just couldn’t wait and I’m sure my pair of Roblox addicts can relate.

So it’s been like six months now of my kids having a lot more time on their hands, which means the Robux and V-Bucks requests have increased exponentially, as they’re fond of telling me, they have “nothing else to do.” It’s really heartening to see that even celeb moms who clearly have means are clamping down on their kiddo’s urge to spend all of the family money on pretend stuff online.

As the pandemic has stretched on, Duff has kept her fans updated on her family’s quarantine adventures.

She’s even shared a totally relatable rant about the frustration of seeing people openly refusing to social distance while the virus continues to spread like wildfire. “Other countries have come together in a beautiful way to contain or be Covid free. It’s embarrassing that we are worse than ever because people need to party and Karens won’t wear masks!” she wrote.

Please keep the pandemic realness coming, Hilary. You don’t even know how much we love to see it.
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