Flu Care Packages You Can Send The Humans You Love (Because IRL Visits Can’t Happen This Year)

flu kit care package

Hopefully you won’t have to send your pal a flu care package this year, but as we’ve seen, 2020 has been unpredictable. On top of preventing COVID-19, it’s also incredibly important to be prepared for flu season. In order to not overwhelm all the hospitals and healthcare facilities, it’s critical that you get your flu shot this year, and continue practice social distancing (and wearing your mask). But…things happen, and some of us may unfortunately end up getting the flu. Are you ready?

On the basics checklist you need a thermometer, an assortment of meds (not expired), and a pantry full of soup. Aside from getting our flu shots, there’s a lot more we can do to give germs a serious fight. Taking vitamins, upping your veggie intake and drinking smoothies is an easy way to boost your immunity (plus, kids love a good smoothie). However, if someone you love does have the flu right now, here’s how you can make them physically feel better (from a distance): Send them a flu care package.

Now listen, we can’t say the germs will keep their distance…no matter all the elderberry syrup, fresh-pressed juice  you intake. It’s possible that your bestie, sister or boyfriend, etc, will catch it (but hopefully not!). But since we’re still social distancing, and the cold & flu is no exception, you need to keep your distance. Know what this calls for? A care package! Whether your family and friends need a soup delivery, a box of meds, a heated blanket to fight the chills or a great book subscription to pass the time (they’ve finished all of Netflix), a care package is the way to share your love and support— from far away.

Stock up your own pantry and medicine cabinet and pin those care packages. According to the CDC, flu season begins now and peaks in December. 2020 is leaving its mark all the way to the very end!

Get Well Care Package for a Sick Friend Ideas:

Skip the OJ and go for raw, fresh-pressed juice in order to build up your immunity before flu season or to fight germs once they’ve arrived. Raw Generation’s bundle comes with 18 juices (in 5 flavors) and a 20 pack of Turmeric Ginger immunity “shots.” Turmeric is the superfood of anti-inflammatory and ginger being the anti-oxidant our bodies crave. Ippoliti says, “Add way more vegetable servings to your diet! If you’re having just one salad a day or a piece of broccoli, double or triple that intake!” This juice has you literally drinking up all your fruits and veggies and is so healthful, you may never go back to plain old (processed, sweetened) OJ again.


It’s going to be a long season, so stocking up on tea is essential. This Wellness Tea set from Sips By features 60 tea bags. Within the set is a box of tea for each need— energizing, immune boosting, mood boosting and sleep. The immune boosting teas feature ingredients like Red Rooibos, Ginseng, Organic Turmeric, Organic Ginger and Organic Matcha Powder. Sleep teas include Valerian Root, Chamomile and Lemon Balm. Speaking of sleep, we all need more these days, and if stocking up on tea will help any of us (or our friends) get there, we’re in!


Your friends/family are so not “Cup-a-Soup” kind of people (neither are we), but they’ll need their fill of soup and hot cereal to get through cold & flu season. Help them stock up with the best of the best— Patagonia Provisions. This 6-pouch sampler includes 3 soups (red bean chili, green lentil, and black bean) and 3 breakfast grains (tart apple, creamy banana and red raspberry). These are the dry goods we all need in our pantry for a quick fix. You can seriously just add boiling water if that’s all the effort you can muster, but if you’re looking for something more delish, add fresh herbs, veggies or even stock in place of water for the soups. For the grains, switch to milk and add any fruits you have on hand. Bonus points for immune-boosting berries.


Flu Care Package for Boyfriend Ideas

Let’s face it, there is nobody less prepared in life than a man (husband, boyfriend, dad) who is sick. They are grumpy, miserable, and in need of your help— even if they won’t admit it. Too bad you need to stay away — Dr’s orders. So send them the basics they should already have in the house (but don’t). The Sick Kit has Vick’s Cough Drops, tissues, tea, lip balm, gelatin and even ginger ale and Gatorade. And yes, there’s a can of chicken soup because when we mean he’s unprepared, we mean it.


Every sick person needs a “dose of get well cheer,” so here it is boxed up with all of the essentials. There’s a Cup-a-Soup, a bag of cough drops, tea bags and snacks. Also a water bottle, tissues and a word find book to try to keep their mind off of being sick. Hopefully for 5+ minutes. This gift is thoughtful enough for your boyfriend, but generic enough to send to your buds, teachers and neighbors.

$25.99 AT AMAZON

Flu Care Package for Girlfriend Ideas

For the young adults and teens who are sick, home, and bored, bored, bored (aren’t they always), this gift will perk them right up! It comes with snacks, cozy socks, a coloring book, colored pencils, a funny mug plus teas and other cute items that will make the receiver smile. These are for adults, too, because after all, coloring is for all of us and cozy socks are always welcome.


It’s been a rough year, and now this? Yup. She really needs a feel good moment and since you can’t be there to help your bestie, sis, mom, friend, send her some organic love by way of Roam Homegrown. Choose from Lavender or Orange Vanilla scents— both great for the cold & flu, and deliver a candle, lip balm, bath salts, body oil and face mask. Not that you need anyone to be sick to deserve this care package, but it sure as hell will make them feel a teensy bit better.


There is only so much Netflix any of us can watch, but reading, that’s something novel to get back into doing. The Once Upon a Book Club book box comes with a surprise, newly released fiction book that will keep any sick friend busy for at least a few days. The fun part is that along with the book, come 3-5 individually wrapped gifts that go along with this specific theme. The idea is that when you get to a certain page, you’re instructed to open the matching gift, so the book unfolds as an exciting, gift-worthy surprise. It’s available in adult or young adult options.


Flu Care Package for You & Your Family: (what you need to have on hand)

You may want to add a few of these to your cart, because just one will start a family battle. This soft, cozy, throw blanket from HoMedics is a cordless, heated, massaging remedy for flu & cold season. Although it will come in handy on any chilly winter night (to use indoors or outdoors) you will be thrilled to have it when the chills come. it’s 50 x 60 inches, so you can share it on the sofa for movie night, but keep it all to yourself when the kids go to bed. This is a great get well gift for anyone— family, friends, teachers or yourself.


This should already be plugged in and ready to go in each room of the house— especially in the bedrooms. This large capacity humidifier is the ticket to fighting stuffiness, congestion, dry skin, and itchy nose or throat. This ultra quiet, digital model can last for 30 hours when filled with 4 liters of water. It gets filled at the top (thank god) and turns itself off when the water runs out. A good humidifier can last for years, so invest in one (or more) and take advantage of the better air you and your family will instantly be breathing at home.


Are you stocked up on Black Elderberry products? You and the kids can start taking this now to boost immunity ahead of flu & cold season. This is the new extra strength gummy for adults, and pair with the kids everyday gummy. You may already know Gaia Herbs for their best-selling Black Elderberry Syrup.

“Elderberry has been used for centuries in traditional recipes for immune health and provides powerful support to help keep your family healthy.” says Susan E. Hirsch, MS, CNS Formulation Manager at Gaia Herbs. These are organic, vegan and free of dairy/gluten/soy. “We are committed to transparency and developed the world’s first herb traceability program, meetyourherbs.com, which allows people to learn how the herbs were grown, harvested and extracted; and the tests their product underwent to validate its purity, integrity, and potency, so they can have full visibility as to what’s in our products.”


You’ve gotta have the kids’ meds ready before cold & flu season strikes, so go on and check your medicine cabinets now and throw out all of the expired bottles. All. Of. Them. Genexa Kids’ Pain & Fever medicine should be part of your arsenal along with their Kids’ Cough & Congestion, Kids’ Honey Cough Syrup, and Kids’ Immune Support formulas. The best part is these are all part of Genexa’s clean over-the-counter assortment which means they have the ingredients you need without serving your kids added dyes, allergens or parabens. It’s hard to believe this is something new, but in fact, it is!

$29.99 AT AMAZON

We already said it, but we want to just reiterate how important it is to prevent the flu — especially this year. Aside from taking vitamins, drinking water, and getting eight hours of sleep, there’s also another way you can prevent the flu: Yoga!

Did you know that yoga helps build up your immune system? We know it’s good for breathing and for getting solid sleep (which in itself battles the cold and flu), but the actual exercise of yoga helps with respiratory system health. Amy Ippoliti, restorative yoga teacher at Glo shares that, “A balanced yoga practice will help you stretch the accessory muscles of your respiratory system which in turn leads to more vibrant lungs and a greater capacity to breathe deeply. This, combined with deep relaxation in poses like final relaxation pose (savasana) are highly supportive of a strong, resilient immune system.” PS. Savasana, also known as corpse pose, is basically lying on your back in full relax mode. (Yes, it’s our favorite pose.)

We’re keeping you healthy with flu care packages and other essential wellness products to get you through fall and winter.

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

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