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We Can’t Let Our Daughters Lose Themselves While Trying To Please Everyone Else

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My girl —

Today after I got off the train, I walked around a bit admiring the heaviness of the landscape. I watched my breath dance into the air and exchanged smirks with strangers that seemed concentrated on their destination, and not so much their breathing rhythms. I took the long way today. I had to cool down after an argument your dad and I had this morning.

It was mainly about how we communicate. And how my silence is so loud to him, because it is so absent with everyone else. He isn’t wrong. I am in constant contact with pretty much three people at all times. Normally all while holding you or your brother, crashing my lips against one of your rubber cheeks and repeating, “love you so muchhhhh” the entire time...

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From The Confessional: Some Husbands Rock—The Rest Should Take Notes

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Hey husbands! Yes, we’re talking to you. Put down your phone and video game controller and golf club and the remote and listen. You know it doesn’t actually take too much to get on the “good husband” list, right? Like, if you see your exhausted wife washing dishes at 10 p.m., covered in baby spit-up, leaking milk through the shirt she’s been wearing for three days, how about gently taking her hand, offering to wash the damn dishes, and suggesting she go lie on the couch and watch Bravo? Or tell her you’ll take care of things if she wants to shower? Or just give her a hug and say, “You’re amazing”??

Why is this shit hard for so many husbands?

At the end of the day, more than likely, your wife wants to be seen. She wants to be validated...

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BIPOC Women Have Valid Critiques Of RBG––They Deserve To Be Heard

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The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has rocked many Americans to their core. Many of those people feeling particularly vulnerable are women. For her entire career, Ginsburg was a champion of women, fighting for their right to be seen as equal in a time when they weren’t. While pretty much all women see her as our superhero, white women have really embraced her as their one and only savior. And though she was a champion for women, marginalized women have rightfully pointed out the flaws in her work and legacy. Her death has brought some of those criticisms back to the forefront of our current conversations...

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Let Birthing People Have Bodily Autonomy––Lying Down Isn’t The Only Option

Malte Mueller
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As women, we often find it challenging to listen to our bodies, to follow our intuition, to hear the call from deep in our bellies. When I was pregnant with my twin daughters, I wanted desperately to give birth vaginally, naturally, sans medication or interventions. I was stubborn about it up until my 30-week check-up, when I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and my life and that of my unborn twin daughters lay in the balance — depending on whether or not I would listen to the direction of doctors and rest, or continue to push myself to go, to do, to finish my tasks.

I was hospitalized for five days while my team of doctors and nurses worked to get my health in a safe place...

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Old Habits Die Hard And Make Sh*t Awkward — Especially After Divorce

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My ex-husband dropped off the kids a few months ago and we stood in the driveway talking. It’s something we do every month or so to catch up on things, and I’ve always felt it covers more ground than texting or the rushed phone calls we manage to fit into our circus of a life.

After going over the logistics of how we felt the kids were dealing with not seeing their friends as much, not returning to school, and the zillion hours of the day they were on their cell phones, he said he had to go  he was meeting his friends and was running late.

“Don’t drink too much,” I said, half-aware that I sounded like his wife.

“You know I have the two drink rule then I call it a night,” he said as he walked back to his truck.

We both paused a moment and laughed.


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I Can’t Shake The Fear Of Something Awful Happening To My Kids

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When I brought my first child home from the hospital, I either held him all day or he slept right next to me. Those first nine months, his crib touched my side of the bed. When he was four days old, a friend of mine wanted to hold him. I was sitting about a yard away from him, but it was too much for me to bear.

I had to reach over and get him back. 

He napped on my lap, or in his baby carrier which I had on me at all times. 

He wasn’t left with a sitter until he was almost one, and that day I had to cut my date with my husband short because I couldn’t enjoy myself.

I was so overcome with fear something would happen to him, it was all I could think about.

I realized my anxiety wasn’t healthy for either of us but tried to keep my mouth shut about it.

Every tim...

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Why I Turned Off My Birthday On My Facebook Profile

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For the past few years, I’ve gotten really intense anxiety on my birthday. And while it’s true that I’m hurtling toward (and am probably already at) middle age, that isn’t the reason for my anxiety. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but the anxiety was coming from—get this—people wishing me happy birthday on social media. I am perfectly aware that this is the weirdest fucking thing ever to get anxious about, so don’t @ me in the comments section to tell me so. I already know.

But you know how Facebook has that birthday reminder feature where, on your birthday, it prompts everyone on your friends list, many of them whom you almost never exchange words with (or at least not since your or their last birthday), to tell you happy birthday, and you en...

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Mandy Moore Announces Pregnancy With Adorable Bump Pics

Instagram/Jenna Jones

Mandy Moore announces pregnancy on Instagram

In these uncertain and often, dark, times — we love a good celebrity baby announcement to brighten the day. There’s nothing quite like professional photography and two very pretty people excited about their future, so a big thank you and congratulations are in order as This Is Us star Mandy Moore is expecting her first child. Today, Mandy Moore and her husband Taylor Goldsmith announced they are having a baby boy, and to celebrate, Goldsmith wrote a song about it.

“Baby Boy Goldsmith coming early 2021,” Moore and Goldsmith captioned matching Instagram posts on September 24, 2020.

Even cuter still, Moore’s husband — who is also the front-man for the folk-rock band Dawes — wrote a little ditty to celebrate the anno...

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Online Mom Groups Are Sharing More QAnon Conspiracies Than Ever Before

Young Woman Practicing Yoga And Using Smartphone At Home
Oscar Wong

Investigative reporter tries to understand why mom groups on social media are overrun by QAnon

You’ve probably noticed that memes and social posts about child trafficking are everywhere these days and not only that, the same people who share posts about alleged trafficking rings are often the same people who don’t believe in vaccines or wearing masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus. While sex trafficking is a very real problem in our country, this obsession with a QAnon-backed version of the truth has led well-meaning individuals into believing that Hollywood elites are basically vampires, Netflix is pushing a pedophile agenda, and children are being shipped in cabinets via home decor retailers like Wayfair.

Children are being trafficked every day in this country, but...

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Amazon Just Casually Dropped Its Big Fall Sale, And Thousands Of Products Are Discounted

amazon big fall sale

Surprise! Amazon’s Big Fall sale is here, and the online retailer is offering major deals on pretty much everything. While you might be waiting for Black Friday to get those discounted home goods, you may want to check out what Amazon has to offer first. From Keurig’s coffee/espresso machine, to BISSELL’s hard floor mop clear and vacuum cleaner, to a variety of kids’ toys, Amazon hasn’t come to play with their Big Fall Sale. Chances are, you’ll at least get some smart holiday shopping done this week.

While literally *thousands* of products are on sale, these are some of our favorite deals.

Amazon Big Fall Sale home products

Winter is coming. So before it actually *gets* cold, we need to prep ahead of time and make sure we’re going to stay warm...

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