8 Best Kitchen & Bath Backsplash Tiles That You Just Peel And Stick— DIY Makeover Time!

Peel And Stick Backsplash

Peel and stick backsplashes are the newest, easiest, and most affordable way to change up the look of your kitchen and bathroom in a pinch. Forget hiring tile masons and spending a ton of money every time you get an itch to upgrade your style.

Trending in popularity right now, peel and stick backsplashes. They come in thin, lightweight sheets— typically made of foam-backed vinyl or metal-surfaced plastic, according to the Home Depot. Each sheet comes with a paper backing that you literally just peel away, leaving behind an adhesive that sticks directly to the wall. Installing them on your own is easy (your first grader may be able to do it although you may not want him to because, you know, unreliable). The best part is there’s minimal cleanup involved.

Just like standard backsplashes, they come in a wide variety of colors, styles, patterns, and designs. We narrowed it down to a bunch we love that would all work nicely as a kitchen or bath backsplash — or fancy up your laundry room or mudroom. If you find that you’re in nesting mode these days, don’t stop here! Check out home organizers that will make your newly tiled kitchen and bathroom function so much better.

Since Joanna Gaines brought it back into our collective consciousness on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, white subway tile isn’t likely to go out of style anytime soon. It’s a crisp, clean, classic look that is literally timeless. This peel and stick variety looks a little bit more modern because the individual “tiles” themselves are smaller (3.2 in wide), adding a fresh, chic, and updated look to any space, whether you place it behind the sink in the kitchen or use it as an accent border in the laundry or bath. It also has a sleek grey grout line (already built in, of course) so this really looks like a professional installed it. There are over 1,700 reviews on Amazon, everyone seems to agree that this is easy to clean, easy to use and easy to install.


This is the kind of backsplash that sparks conversations at dinner parties. That’s because this gorgeous, high-shine, floral print peel and stick backsplash looks like it belongs in an Italian villa. But besides how beautiful they are to look at, the best part is they’re water-resistant, so you can place them in a bathroom or kitchen and not even think twice about it. Each package comes with four panels measuring 20 x 20 when assembled, so you don’t need a ton of them unless you’re redoing a huge space (translation: more bang for your buck). One Amazon mom used this backsplash in a small office she has attached to her kitchen “to brighten it up” and everyone who sees it thinks it looks like real porcelain tile.


This chic backsplash combines not one, but two, major trends: geometric shapes and marbled tile. With a playful hexagon shape and the elegant, gray-veined look of marble, this peel and stick backsplash will give just about any room in the house a major upgrade. Each sheet comes with four 10 x 10 panels and each individual tile measures just 1 x 1 inch. Easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth, they also have a bit of shine to them that makes them look expensive. One Home Depot reviewer used these to protect the wall near her laundry room sink. “It was cheaper and less work than real tile!” she said.


Give your kitchen or bathroom a soft, beachy look with this gorgeous backsplash made to look like actual sea glass. The 10 x 10 panels have a soft, rubber-like texture and a high-shine finish that makes them look like luxury tiles. Each sheet comes with four panels covering nearly 3 square feet. Unlike other peel and stick backsplashes, this one comes with a piece of plastic paper adhered to the top of the tile, making it easier to hold it in place when you stick it to the wall (this way you’re never touching the sticky part). Once it’s in place you just slip off the plastic. One Amazon reviewer said, “They were so easy to cut, the adhesive is really strong and I LOVE THE COLOR.”


Traditional Talavera is a style of Mexican pottery that’s fired at very high heat. They’re usually chockfull of bright, bold colors, but this peel and stick variety tones down the shades to muted hues of gray, white, and black, with a hint of shine, which lends them a chic, modern vibe. Made of eco-friendly materials, they’re resistant to both heat and moisture and they can be easily wiped down if they get stained. The pop of pattern is an unexpected surprise that works well in any space that needs a pick-me-up, such as a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or mudroom. Each box arrives with 10 sheets of self-adhesive tiles with each tile measuring 11.4 x 10.6.


Like all of the peel and stick backsplashes on our list, these don’t require grout nor special tools to install and they leave behind zero mess (#winning). What sets them apart is the delicate and almost-feminine arabesque design, which gives a room a light and airy feel. They work great whether they’re presented in one long continuous pattern, such as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, or as an accent feature. Try stacking them in a vertical, floor-to-ceiling pattern in the middle of a shower wall for a twist on the typical horizontal border. This peel and stick backsplash come in a box of 10 sheets of self-adhesive tiles, with each individual tile measuring 12 x 12.


What we love about this backsplash is that each individual tile is long and skinny, so when it’s placed against a wall in a long collection, the look is elegant and luxurious. Even shinier in person than in the photo, fans of this peel and stick backsplash say it really looks like actual glass. As a result, it’s perfect for a powder bathroom where plenty of guests will see it, though you can use it in the kitchen, too, even behind the stovetop as the tiles are resistant to both heat and humidity. Installation is easy because they’re lightweight and easy to handle.


When you really want your walls to make a statement, this fishtail-shaped peel and stick backsplash in a rich peacock green is as stunning as it gets. It’s water-resistant and it has a high-impact, 3D quality to it that makes it look like it’s popping right out of your walls. Each set comes with six pieces of tile per package, with each tile measuring 11.8 x 11.8. The color is perfect for a beach house or a home designed in the mid-century modern style, which tends to feature a lot of rich jewel tones like this one. Oh, who are we kidding? We’d love this peel and stick backsplash anywhere. The fishtail design is playful enough it would even work great in a kids’ bathroom!


Now that you’re in the know about peel and stick backsplashes, check out some more great home and kitchen upgrades.

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