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Reminder: We Have Fewer Than 100 Days Before The Presidential Election––6 Things To Do Now

Scary Mommy and Juj Winn/Getty

It’s hard to believe in the middle of COVID-19, but we’re less than 100 days out from Election Day, the first Tuesday in November: in this case, November 3, 2020. Trump’s saying he wants to cancel it, claiming that mass mail-in voting would lead to “an INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT election.” Newsflash: he can’t do that, reminds The New York Times. Only Congress can, and he has no power over both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

So we’r...

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The Rum the British Navy Once Rationed to Sailors Is Now Highly Coveted—and Surprisingly Good

Starting in the mid 1700s, sailors in the British Navy were given a daily ration of rum—a “tot,” as it became known. The practice continued for more than two centuries, during which time, coincidentally or not, the Royal Navy became the most powerful armada in the world. When the last daily tots were issued on July 31, 1970, there was widespread mourning among those in uniform, and a lot of naval rum left over, gathering dust in government warehouses. Today, authentic samples of original Royal Navy rum are prized, not just because of their historical significance, but because it’s delicious, and made in a style that’s all but impossible to replicate today.

The Royal Navy had begun issuing its seamen rum on an ad hoc basis, along with other spirits such as brandy and arrack, as f...

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You’re Not Alone — Hilary Duff’s Kid Begs Her For Roblox Money Too

pjimage (1)
Instagram/Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is every mom fielding constant requests to buy Robux

If you have a kid in grade school (or middle school) you’ve heard of Roblox. Like, probably 48 times a day if you have a little fan in your house. Roblox and Fortnite are constant topics in my household of tweens along with them begging me to add money to their accounts so they can buy fake houses and avatars and whatever other nonsense. Turns out, even celeb moms grapple with this annoying modern-day parenting issue. Hilary Duff shared a text exchange with her son that will definitely hit home if you’ve got kids begging you for Robux and V-Bucks.

“Text from my 8 year olds iPad ……lol 😂🤣😂🤣 went a litttttle crazy on iTunes last month #piggypopped #newrules #itsonlybeen4days,” she captioned a screensh...

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Fisker Will Roll Out a Lineup of 3 More Electric Vehicles by 2025

Fisker may have barely gotten started, but it’s already expanding. The automotive startup, which has already wowed enthusiasts and industry insiders with its all-electric Ocean SUV, has announced it will add three more EVs to its nascent lineup by 2025.

We may still be two years away from the launch of the Ocean, but on Thursday the California-based company made clear that it’s serious about giving Tesla a run for it money. In addition to the previously announced SUV, the company also has plans for a crossover, a sports sedan and, because they’re all the rage with EV makers, a pickup truck.

While the automaker didn’t reveal any concrete details about the strategy, other than that the vehicles will launch from 2023 onwards, it did offer a glimpse of what the EVs will look like...

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8 Best Indoor Exercise Bikes For A Great At-Home Workout Without The $2000+ Price Tag

Indoor Exercise Bike

Most days, your exercise routine probably includes a healthy mix of cardio and strength training… as in, running after your children, lifting furniture to retrieve lost toys, and carrying one too many heavy grocery bags to minimize the number of trips you have to take between your car and the kitchen. But sometimes, it’s nice to have some dedicated time and space to work out. While you may not be able fit a regular gym visit in your schedule, you can create a mini studio inside your house with the help of key fitness equipment. For example, an indoor exercise bike is a great option to help quickly break a sweat, and it can get your heart rate up just as effectively as hearing a crash and subsequent “Mooom!” from the next room.

Having an indoor bike at home is an easy way to squ...

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A Mansion With a Starring Role in ‘LA Confidential’ Hits the Market for $7.5 Million

The elegant wrought-iron staircase is unmistakable. Back in 1997, a sultry, silk-clad Kim Basinger sashayed down these very steps in the film-noir classic L.A. Confidential, channeling Veronica Lake, all heaving breaths and cascading blonde locks.

Basinger won an Oscar for her role as actress-turned-high-class-call-girl Lynn Bracken. Much of the movie was shot at this 1920s Spanish Colonial compound in Los Angeles’s tony Hancock Park, making it a must-see drive-by for every Hollywood movie location bus tour.

Even without the L.A. Confidential connection, this stunning estate, known as Casa Cubana, is a Hollywood legend. Designed in 1923 by silent movie-actor-turned-architect Jack Donovan—his screen credits include Kazan the Wonder Dog—the home was featured that year in the august page...

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The Golden Girls Have An Instagram And They’re Only Following Betty White

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 10.29.50 AM

The Golden Girls now have an Instagram account because they knew we needed it

Want to take a break from the unceasing tire fire that is your social media feeds in recent months? Luckily for you, we have just the antidote — the Golden Girls are now on Instagram, and it looks like they have all kinds of fun in store for us. Because who else besides Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia, and Rose can fix this damn mess called 2020?

A few days ago, the account suddenly arrived (with the most appropriate bio and cheesecake emoji) and started dropping puzzle-piece posts cryptically that added up to one wonderful image of our lovely lady crew.

Voila! Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your life? I think not. Thank you for being a friend indeed.

Speaking of friends, the only other account th...

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This T-Rex Table Clock Is a Miniaturized Monster for Your Desk

Two-way collaborations are fairly common in the high-end watch world — see, for example, any number of splashy Hublot models produced in tandem with boldface names, such as the new Big Bank Millennial Pink Unico, a team effort between the brand and Garage Italia’s Lapo Elkann.

But three-way collaborations? Not so much.

Leave it to Massena LAB founder William Massena, MB&F founder and CEO Maximilian Büsser and the clockmakers at L’Epee 1839 to spearhead the creation of a three-way timepiece, a bronze version of the T-Rex table clock that MB&F and L’Epee unveiled last fall (itself a follow-up to a unique piece, Tom & T-Rex, they created for last year’s Only Watch auction).

MB&F x L’Epee x Massena LAB T-Rex Bronze

MB&F x L’Epee x Massena LAB T-Rex Bronze  Courtesy of MB&F

Like the two versions that preceded it,...

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Job hopping: Is it good or bad? (+how to find the perfect job!)

What is Job hopping?

Job hopping is a tactic many people use to find the job that’s a perfect fit for them. It’s defined as having a pattern of staying with a job for a certain amount of time and then leaving. But if you’re not careful this behavior can be frowned upon by hiring managers.

That begs the question — how can you find a job that’s a perfect fit for you if you can’t test out the waters?

In this post I’ll show you when job hopping is frowned upon and when it can actually help your situation. It all boils down to how you do it. 

Let’s dive in.  

Bonus: Want to turn your dream of working from home into a reality? Download my Ultimate Guide to Working from Home to learn how to make working from home work for YOU.

When is job hopping bad?

Whether or not job hopping...

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Nike Releases Emotional COVID-Themed Ad

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 10.14.23 AM

Nike is bringing the feels with another inspiring, pandemic era ad

A lot of the COVID-inspired ads that pop up on our TV and computer screens are seriously groan-worthy. It’s not easy for corporations to address a global crisis in a way that feels appropriate, authentic, and not callous or money-grabbing. But the one company that’s been nailing it for months now is Nike, which, not surprising, since we regularly cried at their ads even before a global health crisis made every day feel a little bit apocalyptic.

Nike’s latest ad uses archival footage that’s been masterfully edited together, so 72 video clips become 36 side-by-side clips of pro athletes, students, and just regular, sports-loving people who appear to be melded together...

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